Artist Creates Landscapes From Cut Up Postcards

Rebecca OConnell
Caterina Rossato 
Caterina Rossato  / Caterina Rossato 

Caterina Rossato

reinvents old postcards. The artist combines pieces of the cards to create brand new landscapes that feature multi-layered scenery. Skies, mountains, and buildings are all gathered and extracted from their original postcards before being coupled with brand new pieces. Because there are so many pieces overlapping—each one is so thick that it needs to be held together with large binder clips—the creations appear similar to dioramas. 

Rossato explains on her website:

Each fragment can be considered as a pixel which, together with the others, forms a single large panorama whose degree of resolution is proportional to the amount of its component parts. The recurring elements of a represented nature are layered and juxtaposed according to aesthetic and chromatic criteria which categorically respect both the source images and the resulting one. Simultaneously the gaze embraces the part and the whole, the chaos and the order, the brush strokes and the canvas.

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