Acer Launches World's Thinnest and Fattest Laptops

Acer / Acer

Acer just announced the introduction of two products that take their sizing stats to extremes: the world's slimmest and fattest laptops, The Verge reports.

On the thin side, the Swift 7 is believed to be the first laptop to ever measure less than a centimeter in thickness: 9.98 millimeters, or .39 inches. (In comparison, the MacBook Air comes in at a laughably chunky .68 inches.) The 13.3-inch computer also features 256 gigabytes of SSD storage.


In contrast, the Acer Predator 21 X—a 17-pound behemoth—resembles a laptop that’s been given massive doses of growth hormone. Featuring a 21-inch curved screen and a 4-terabyte SSD, the Predator is intended for gamers who need a machine powerful enough to require five cooling fans.


Acer is hoping the assortment will lift them from sixth place in overall laptop market share. (HP and Lenovo each hold about 20 percent; Apple and Acer carry 10 and 9 percent, respectively.) The 21 X will be available only as a custom order and The Swift 7 launches in October for $999.

[h/t the Verge]

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