Sami Elu's Melodic Chopstick Piano

Chris Higgins
YouTube // Kuma Films
YouTube // Kuma Films / YouTube // Kuma Films

Sami Elu is a busker in Tokyo. He makes music using homemade instruments, with a big focus on his 29-string chopstick piano, in which the striking hammers are chopsticks hitting piano wires. He often uses one hand on the keys, while another plucks on strings with a handheld chopstick to create a loud melody line. Meanwhile, Elu's feet stomp out rhythms on simple percussion instruments—including bells on his right ankle. The result is hypnotic. Check it out:

Here's a video in which Elu is interviewed about his music and instruments:

And here are a few more street performances:

If you'd like to buy Elu's music and can't find him on a Tokyo street corner, he's on Bandcamp.