Beachgoers Help a Hermit Crab Find the Perfect Shell

Rebecca OConnell
YouTube / YouTube

Hermit crabs hide in shells to protect their vulnerable bodies from predators. Generally, the shy animals look for shells that can fit their whole body and have no additional holes that would let in water. And because their shell is their home, they can sometimes be a little picky when deciding on a new shelter. For instance, the hermit crab in the video below took some time to find the right fit—despite help from a group of beach goers.

Just like with humans, each crab has its own preference and house hunting style. While some might move several times a day as they look for just the right shell, others will stay put. Hermit crabs move when they've grown too large for their shell, but once they hit their full size, it becomes a matter of preference.

The humans—and impromptu real estate agents—in the video offer up several appealing shells, but the crab is indecisive. Luckily, it eventually decides to climb in what looks like the perfect shell.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

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