100-Year-Old Abandoned Church Transformed Into Colorful Skate Park

Kirstin Fawcett
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A crumbling house of worship in the municipality of Llanera, Spain has been given a second life as a colorful skate park, thanks to a group of skateboarders, My Modern Met reports.

According to The Guardian, the church of Santa Barbara was built in 1912 and abandoned after the Spanish civil war ended in the late 1930s. The church exterior resembles an ordinary Christian sanctuary—but inside, its seats have been replaced with ramps, and the walls and ceilings are covered in vivid murals.

In order to transform the space—now dubbed the Kaos Temple—a group of skateboarding enthusiasts called the Church Brigade raised funds to renovate the space, recruited corporate sponsors including Red Bull, and even attracted the interest of Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel, who offered to decorate the church’s vaulted ceilings and walls with his signature geometric paintings.

It took several years to get the project off the ground, but last December the Church Brigade finally unveiled the completed product: a multi-hued parish that’s equal parts art installation and skate park. Check out the results below.

[h/t My Modern Met]

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