Introducing a Company That Lets Children Wear Their Own Drawings

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The next time your child draws something impressive in class, don't just stick it on the fridge. Instead, have it printed onto a piece of clothing. That's the idea behind a new startup company called Picture This, which aims to encourage young children to think creatively by transforming their artwork into fashion.

The company was inspired by founder Jaimee Newberry's own experiences. Newberry created a rainbow dress for her daughter based on an original drawing, and when her daughter told others that she was wearing her own design, other children showed interest in "wearing their imagination" as well. Newberry teamed up with other creatives to found a company that would allow more children to design their own clothing.

The process is simple: First, go on to the Picture This website and print out a template of a dress. Then, hand the outline off to the aspiring clothing designer and see what they come up with. The completed drawings are then uploaded and submitted and the finished product is returned in just a few short weeks.

Right now, Picture This only offers dresses and doll dresses, but the company plans to expand into other articles of clothing. You can get started right here.

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