These Bunny-Shaped Storage Bags Make Clutter Cute

Kirstin Fawcett
Felissimo / Felissimo
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Japanese mail-order company Felissimo wants to make your clutter more delightful. According to RocketNews24, the company’s YOU+MORE! brand now offers a line of bunny-themed storage bags, designed to hold miscellaneous items like toiletries, desk accessories, snacks, and more.

The bags are inspired by furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that’s used to hold and carry items ranging from food to presents. Simply toss your odds and ends inside the fabric pouch, tie its pointed sides together, and voila—it’s transformed into an adorable lop-eared rabbit.

Customers can choose from four bunny bags, including a Holland Lop Ear, a Chinchilla, and a Netherland Dwarf. They're all around two feet in length, and one-hand-a-half feet wide. You can buy the bags online for 2678 yen (about $26) each.

[h/t Rocket News 24]

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