You Can Now Pre-Order a Coffee Alarm Clock

Indiegogo /  Joshua Renouf
Indiegogo / Joshua Renouf / Indiegogo / Joshua Renouf

In March 2015, we wrote about The Barisieur, an alarm clock by designer Joshua Renouf that wakes up sleepers with a fresh cup of tea or coffee. Now, the coffee maker is a working prototype up for funding on Indiegogo.

The Barisieur promises to get the day started without requiring the user to even get out of bed. Once the coffee or tea is ready, the sleepy user only needs to sit up and enjoy. Everything needed to enjoy a cup is right in the machine. Sugar can be found in a compartment in the front, while milk is found in an insulated vessel that keeps it cool overnight.

The process is also a lot of fun to watch: An induction hob heats up a steel base, which in turn heats up the water. Once enough steam pressure builds up, the water is forced out of its container and into the filter, creating the perfect morning drink.

If the gentle sound of water boiling is not enough to rouse you, don't worry: There's also a traditional alarm that can be set before, during, or after the brewing process.

On top of promising a relaxing morning, the machine, equipped with a USB charger, also offers a good night's sleep, according to the creators. In place of staring at a screen before bed, the user has a ritual of setting up the coffee alarm. The relaxing procedure will signal to the brain that it's time for bed and possibly make falling asleep a little easier.

You can pre-order your own coffee alarm on Indiegogo for about $300. It's expected to ship by September 2017.

[h/t Woman's Day]

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