The World’s Longest Recreational Trail Is Set for Completion Next Year

Michele Debczak
Screenshot via The Great Trail
Screenshot via The Great Trail / Screenshot via The Great Trail

Travelers who dream of exploring Canada by bike or foot will soon have the perfect opportunity to do so. As inhabitat reports, all 14,913 miles of The Great Trail are set for completion in 2017.

The recreational path will be the longest car-free trail in the world, beginning in Newfoundland in the southeast and extending all the way to Canada’s northwestern corner. The project, initiated in 1992, currently includes about 12,906 miles of trails. Twenty-six percent of the paths are located along water, which makes the trail an ideal site for paddling as well as hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing.

The Great Trail isn’t just a venue to explore Canada’s majestic wilderness. It connects urban areas as well, including Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. About 80 percent of the Canadian population lives within 30 minutes of the trail, making it a valuable recreational resource for most of the nation. The completed road will be officially open to the public next year, in honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

[h/t inhabitat]

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