Introducing Jewelry Designed to Repel Insects With Citronella Beads

Michele Debczak
By Invite Only
By Invite Only / By Invite Only

For mosquito bite-prone individuals sick of sticky repellents, a jewelry company based in Singapore offers a stylish alternative. The designers at By Invite Only claim their new line of accessories keeps insects at bay with citronella beads, My Modern Met reports.

The Yu Ahn Collection features bracelets and necklaces made from jade, a gem the jewelers chose for its association with luck in Chinese culture. Strung into each item is a charm pendant designed to hold a jade-colored citronella bead. Citronella is an essential oil commonly found in mosquito-repelling products like sprays and candles. The sphere is supposed to stay potent for up to a week, after which it can be switched out for a fresh bead, which the brand sells for $3.61 apiece.

Due to popular demand, most items in the Yu Ahn Collection are currently sold out. By Invite Only tells mental_floss the pieces, which range in price from $35 to $48, will be back in stock later in September.

[h/t My Modern Met]

All images courtesy of By Invite Only.

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