A Watch That Reminds You That Time Is Meaningless

Shaunacy Ferro

Clock design can radically change our perception of time. A 24-hour analog clock makes the day seem to go by slower than a 12-hour one that completes its rotation in half the time.

The Matters watch, though, is all about not knowing what time it is at all, forcing you to pay attention to what’s happening around you without tracking each minute until the end of the day. The $99 timepiece (which we spotted via Lost at E Minor) doesn’t have any numbers, or any hands for that matter. It just says “Now.”

“This is not a watch or timepiece that tells time. It's less, but better,” the company argues in the product description. The Matters tagline is “focusing on what matters now.”

[h/t Lost at E Minor]

All images courtesy Matters

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