Would You Buy a $3000 Colored Pencil Set?


Your adult coloring book deserves more than the average Crayola set. While major pencil manufacturers may be having trouble satisfying new demand for coloring supplies, the German pencil giant Faber-Castell still has enough factory bandwidth to churn out a handful of luxurious pencil sets. Their latest, created with German fashion designer and artist Karl Lagerfeld, retails for nearly $3000 and comes with 350 pencils, according to Gizmodo.

The collection is arranged in a seven-tiered box inspired by a traditional Chinese wedding chest, with different drawers for each primary color. It includes graphite pencils, watercolor pencils, crayons, pastels, pens, and art accessories to make every drawing a masterpiece. Each of the products included was hand-chosen by Lagerfield, according to WWD, meaning you’ll be getting a true insider’s guide to sketching success. The limited edition set ($2850) will only be available to 2500 lucky coloring enthusiasts.

It’s currently available at select retailers across the world, but not yet anywhere in North America. It’s already sold out on the Karl.com website, so you should probably check the black-pencil market immediately if you want your Lisa Frank coloring book to really shine.

[h/t Gizmodo]

All images courtesy Faber-Castell.

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