Can a New 'Vaccine' Stem the Frog Apocalypse?

Chris Higgins
YouTube // Deep Look
YouTube // Deep Look / YouTube // Deep Look

Chytrid fungus is one of the things killing frogs around the world. In California, the mountain yellow-legged frog is an endangered species (its population has declined 90%!), in part due to this wicked fungus.  The fungus affects a frog's skin and soon it's game over for the hapless amphibian.

But scientists at the San Francisco Zoo are using work from UC Santa Barbara to experiment with antifungal chemicals. It appears that by dosing the frogs with an antifungal, they fight off any current Chytrid fungal infection—and they develop a resistance to new ones! If this works out, it really might save these Californian frogs, as well as amphibians around the world. Have a look: