India Now Lets Drivers Carry Digital Licenses

Anna Green
istock / istock

Drivers in India will no longer have to worry about carrying their ID with them—as long as they have a smartphone. Mashable reports that India's officials just announced that it will now accept both digital and physical copies of driver's licenses and registrations.

The announcement is part of the government’s broader initiative to go digital. Using a secure cloud storage app called DigiLocker, Indian citizens can upload their driver’s license and registration, as well as other important documents like college diplomas and voter ID cards. The government is providing all citizens with up to one GB of free storage.

While several countries have begun experimenting with digitized identification documents, India may be the first to allow all of its citizens the option to use digital driver's licenses. The UK and New South Wales have both announced plans to accept digital driver’s licenses by 2018, while the United States has begun pilot tests of digital licenses in a few regions. India, meanwhile, is fully embracing the digital license, and in the process, making life just a little easier for anyone who forgets their wallet at home.

[h/t Mashable]

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