Netflix Wants to Pay You to Binge-Watch Kids' Movies

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Since the time you were a kid, adults have been telling you that when it comes to choosing a career, you should “love what you do.” And if what you love to do is lie on the couch and relive The Magic School Bus, well, you’re in luck. Because, according to Thrillist, Netflix is currently in the market for a Kids Content Tagger.

Just what does being a Kids Content Tagger for Netflix entail? Fair question. According to the job listing, the tagger’s three main duties are as follows:

Tag Kids Content. You will help categorize kids content for different ages and for hundreds of themes, including tone, storyline, character attributes, positive messages, cautionary material, etc. You will participate in weekly Kids Tagging Meetings and monthly Tagging Workshops designed to ensure consistency across tagging. Complete Backtagging Projects. When new tags are added or removed, we will ask you to do broad back-tagging projects that look across hundreds of titles to ensure that tags are applied appropriately. Contribute to Kids Innovation Projects. On occasion, the Kids Content Tagger will be asked to assist with special projects. This includes, but is not limited to 1) vetting titles to determine how or if they are suitable for kids, and 2) testing and providing feedback on experimental tagging processes.

The requirements are pretty simple, too. The ideal candidate should have a pretty extensive knowledge of (plus the requisite “passion for”) kids' movies and television shows, be comfortable mastering Netflix’s categorization system, and be able to play well with others. Applicants who have a background in kids' entertainment are even more welcome.

The job, which is a remote position (read: can be done in your sweatpants), will fill up about 15 hours of your time per week. While there’s no indication of how much the gig pays, if you’re going to spend all day watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, you may as well get paid for it. (But, for the love of Twitter, just make sure you know the difference between a kids’ movie and a slasher flick.)

[h/t: Thrillist]

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