New York City Commuter Transforms Boring Subway Rides into Art

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

New Yorkers see lots of strange things on the subway, but probably none of them are as whimsical as Ben Rubin’s illustrated monsters. According to My Modern Met, the Brooklyn-based artist passes time during long commutes by using his iPad to take candid pictures of unassuming passengers in train cars. Then, he sketches fantastical cartoon creatures into the scene using a drawing app.

Rubin's blue figures playfully drape themselves over travelers’ laps, read over their shoulders, and emulate their poses. Some of the pieces, Rubin told the New York Daily News, “are observations on everybody experiences day to day—you look around and see these crazy weird creatures you’re stuck in a train car with.”

Rubin calls the ongoing series "Subway Doodle." View some of his works below, or visit Instagram or Facebook for more images.

[h/t My Modern Met]

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