iTunes Is Offering 10 Movies for $10 Today

Shaunacy Ferro
iTunes Movies via Twitter
iTunes Movies via Twitter / iTunes Movies via Twitter

To celebrate 10 years since iTunes began renting and selling movies, Apple is offering bargains on film bundles. The tech giant is offering 10-movie bundles for just $9.99 each, The Verge reports.

You can get selections of the top 10 movies from the biggest studios—like Warner Bros., Universal, and Lionsgate—which are a mix of comedies and dramas from various years. The Sony Pictures bundle, for instance, features a combination of cinema including The Monuments Men (2014), Captain Phillips (2013), Easy A (2010), Julie & Julia (2009), and The Social Network (2010).

Screenshot via iTunes

The other options bundle the top 10 movies of each year, giving you a cross-section of popular cinema from recent history. The packs take customers back to the days when movies like Wild Hogs (2007), 27 Dresses (2008), or Ted (2012) were some of the most downloaded movies of the year.

Check out the the film bundles for yourself on iTunes, only available today (September 12).

[h/t The Verge]

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