Oregon Farm Offers Yoga Classes With Goats

Lainey Morse // YouTube
Lainey Morse // YouTube / Lainey Morse // YouTube

Some yoga studios burn incense or play ambient music to help their participants reach a peaceful state of mind. One yoga class in the Pacific Northwest is doing things a little differently: Sessions include live goats roaming around the premises, The Oregonian reports.

Goat Yoga is held on No Regrets Farm owned by Lainey Morse in Albany, Oregon. The idea originated when yoga instructor Heather Ballenger Davis approached Morse about teaching a class on her property. The farm’s six goats crashed the event, and from that point on, Goat Yoga was a smash success.

Hosting a yoga class with goats in attendance does present some challenges (the goats have been known to get comfortable on the yoga mats), but the therapeutic presence of the animals seems to outweigh any inconveniences. People travel from all over the country just to downward dog alongside Morse’s goats. According to Travel + Leisure, Goat Yoga has become so popular that class slots are booked solid until spring of next year. If you’re not picky about which four-legged friends you do your sun salutations next to, yoga classes with cats and dogs are also options in different parts of the country.

[h/t The Oregonian]

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