Oskar Puzzles Take Rubik's Cubes to the Next Level

Rebecca OConnell
Shapeways / Shapeways

Bored with your traditional Rubik's Cube? You might want to add a few more twists with these challenging variations by Oskar van Deventer. The Dutch research scientist's spins on the elaborate puzzle promise to stump even the most weathered puzzle solvers.

A longtime puzzle designer, Van Deventer takes the basic Rubik's Cube pattern and transforms it into a spherical puzzle, a hollow cube, and even a magic gears grid. His creations are sold on Shapeways, meaning they are 3D-printed to order and come in a variety of different materials.

And his creations don't just baffle users, they also break records. His over the Top 17x17x17 design was recently acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the world's largest order Rubik's Cube. The mind-bending design has 1539 parts—to say it's challenging would be an understatement.

Take a look at some the patterns by Oskar Puzzles below and check out more of his designs on Deventer's Shapeways page.

Pancake Cube, $1125

YouCube, $268

Geared Hex, $340