Personalize Your Pastries With Embossed Rolling Pins

Anna Green
Valek Rolling Pins
Valek Rolling Pins / Valek Rolling Pins

Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska-Girard has created a line of unique embossed rolling pins that let home bakers get creative with cookie dough. Instead of decorating freshly baked cookies with frosting, the laser-cut rolling pins let you imprint designs directly onto dough as you roll it out.

Each wooden rolling pin comes with a repeating pattern designed by Kozerska-Girard: There are adorable dogs and cats, dinosaurs, holiday-themed designs, intricate geometric patterns, and even a Game of Thrones-themed rolling pin (perfect for your next binge-watch). Though bakers are free to experiment with imprinting designs on different baked goods, Kozerska-Girard has come up with a shortbread cookie recipe she says is great for preserving the patterns. And for anyone who wants to leave a truly unique stamp on their baked goods, Kozerska-Girard accepts custom orders and designs.

All of the rolling pins can be purchased on Etsy or on the Valek Rolling Pins website. Check out a few of Kozerska-Girard’s rolling pins below:

All Images: Valek Rolling Pins

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