Perfect Your Baking Skills With Pinchable Measuring Spoons

Michele Debczak
Dreamfarm/YouTube / Dreamfarm/YouTube

Cooking may be an art form, but baking is an exact science. Add too much or too little of an ingredient and your cookies could come out looking like pancakes, or something that’s inedible. If you’ve been leveling off measuring spoons with an index finger, a product (spotted by Core77) is here to make life in the kitchen a lot easier.

With a quick pinch, Dreamfarm's Levoons produce precise measurements. The unique design includes a metal handle that, when squeezed, scrapes off any excess dry ingredient like flour or baking powder that is sitting above the rim of the spoon.

For $14.95, Levoons come in fanned sets of four spoons and can be purchased in a variety of bright colors. Now, you can get to work on baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie as soon as possible.

[h/t Core77]

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