New Star Wars-Themed Simon Game Ominously Plays "The Imperial March'

Rebecca OConnell
Hasbro / Hasbro

Simon, the popular light up memory game from the '80s, has a pretty simple premise: The computer plays a pattern of lights and sounds, and you replicate them by pushing the right buttons. Such a simple game needs no improvements—or does it? The latest version looks just like Darth Vader and even plays the ominous "Imperial March."

While Simon is normally round, the new game is shaped like the Sith Lord's iconic helmet. It's also completely black until it lights up, so now you also have to remember which buttons are which without the aid of colored buttons. Players will notice that the further along they get, the more of John Williams' "Imperial March" they get to hear. Darth Vader's loud breathing can also be detected during gameplay to add an extra layer of stress. 

The game will be available this spring for $25 from Hasbro, so watch your local toy store's shelves carefully. 

[h/t io9]

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