You Can Now Buy a Wire For Wireless Headphones

Spigen / Spigen

The evolution of technology can be surprisingly cyclical. Apple recently announced the release of a new wireless version of its famous EarPods headphones, called AirPods. Though AirPods abolish the pesky, perpetually tangled headphone cord, consumers are already worried that the tiny, disconnected ear pieces will be all too easy to lose. Fortunately, Tech Crunch reports, a company called Spigen has stepped in with an ingenious solution to the AirPod problem: a wire.

Spigen calls its $10 cord for wireless headphones an “AirPods Strap,” but it’s almost identical to the wire that adorns the original EarPods. And, like the EarPods wire, it simply snaps onto AirPods and keeps them connected. While it might seem counterproductive to attach a wire to wireless headphones, it should be noted that unlike EarPods, which come free with almost every Apple purchase, the AirPods will cost consumers a whopping $160. While it remains unclear how much replacements will cost, losing just one will mean deciding whether to shell out more money, or listen to your music with one ear.

While you could probably rig up a less stylish version of Spigen’s AirPods strap with a bit of tape and string, the strap, which is available on Amazon, is probably the more stylish option for absentminded AirPods owners who don’t want to worry about their headphones falling out of a pocket or getting lost under the couch cushions.

[h/t Tech Crunch]