New Pop Chart Lab Poster Categorizes Magical Items from Harry Potter


If one of your most prized possessions is the wand you purchased during your last vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, you’ll want to pre-order Pop Chart Lab's latest poster. The data visualization pros collaborated with Pottermore to create "Magical Objects of the Wizarding World," a poster that catalogues the many magical objects mentioned in the books.

More than 60 items are arranged according to utility, ownership, and supernatural properties. For example, broomsticks, Hagrid's motorcycle, and the Hogwarts Express are all filed under "Transportation," while pensieves, the Sorting Hat, and moving portraits are grouped under "Hogwarts Property." Deathly Hallows items like the Resurrection Stone, Elder Wand, and the invisibility cloak receive their own category. At the poster’s bottom, you’ll find annotations that provide context for objects of particular obscurity or interest.

Priced at $29, "Magical Objects of the Wizarding World" is available for pre-order online. Purchases will begin shipping on September 22. Want to get an up-close view of its illustrations? Take a look at the full print below, and click for a larger image.

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