Restaurant Built Inside a Boeing 737 Opens in China

Michele Debczak

A new restaurant is here to dispel any negative notions you have about airplane food. As Travel + Leisure reports, the newly-opened Lily Airways is serving fine cuisine in Wuhan, China, and it’s doing so out of an old Boeing 737. 

Chinese businessman Li Liang purchased the aircraft from Indonesian Batavia Air in 2015 with the intention of converting it into a restaurant. After the costly effort of renovating the plane and transporting it to its current location, the establishment was finally ready to take off (figuratively speaking) the second weekend of September.

Inside, passengers are waited on by servers dressed as flight attendants. Staff members are held to the same hiring criteria of Chinese airlines and are required to undergo regulatory etiquette training. After enjoying a first-class meal, guests can take a ride in the flight simulator in the plane’s cockpit or head over to the plane-theme amusement park down the road.

Though it’s cheaper than an airplane ticket, a meal at Lily Airways will cost you. Diners should expect to pay $30 to $45 for their food, which is fairly reasonable considering Liang spent around $5.2 million preparing the craft for opening day.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]

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