14-Year-Old Painting Prodigy 'Mini Monet' Is Worth Over $2 Million

BBC // YouTube
BBC // YouTube / BBC // YouTube

At age 14, Kieron Williamson enjoys a status some of history’s greatest painters were unable to achieve in their lifetimes. The British teen is already well-established in the art world, and The Telegraph reports that he’s worth over $2.6 million.

Williamson got his start at age 5 after picking up a sketchbook during a family vacation. It was his first time drawing pictures of his own, but it soon became apparent that his skills far exceeded the doodling of most kids his age. It wasn’t long before his work was hung in a local gallery and from there he blew up into an overnight success.

Today, Williamson is known as “mini Monet,” and buyers from around the world vie to purchase his pieces before they sell out (which usually happens within minutes). His most expensive painting to date sold for a little less than $60,000.

While the home-schooled teen prodigy manages to make time for typical kid stuff, like playing soccer with his friends, each year he produces hundreds works of art, which depict scenes from the country, sea, and city. His process involves listening to music while he paints and going for long, head-clearing walks whenever he hits a roadblock. As for the next step in Williamson’s art career, he says he’d like to travel the UK and beyond to look for inspiration. 

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