Instagram-Famous Cat Debuts Line of Fluffy Footwear

Michele Debczak
Randa // PR Times
Randa // PR Times / Randa // PR Times
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Today’s hottest cat celebrities are doing it all. Lil Bub released her first album last year, and Grumpy Cat is a bestselling author at the age of four. As RocketNews24 reports, Mash is the latest web-famous cat to expand his brand with a new collection of furry, high-fashion shoes.

The photogenic Exotic Shorthair is widely beloved in Japan with over 182,000 followers on Instagram. Now fans of the feline can update their wardrobe with footwear inspired by Mash himself. The shoes from the Japanese fashion brand Randa feature tufts of beige and brown fur, and each comes with a paw print on the bottom of the sole. The most distinctive piece from the line is the Fur Pumps, a fluff-trimmed shoe with a tiny, plush Mash head positioned above the heel.

The shoes range in price from $100 to $150 and will be available to purchase online this October. Fashionistas with their hearts set on the heel bearing Mash’s smushed mug will hopefully be in Japan around that time, as RocketNews24 reports they’ll only be sold in 16 select stores nationwide.

All images: Randa/PR Times

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