Leica to Release New Instant Camera

Rebecca OConnell
Leica / Leica

We might all carry a digital camera around with us all the time, but old-fashioned instant cameras have recently made their way back in the mainstream. From Fujifilm to Polaroid, there are plenty of sleek new ways to print images right on the spot. Now camera manufacturer Leica is getting into the mix with their own line of fancy instant cameras. The Leica Sofort series includes three bold, square cameras that come in blue, white, and orange. Each has a Lecia-designed menu navigation and comes with much-needed accessories like a strap and case. The designs are meant to mimic the feel of a proper film camera, complete with optical viewfinders and retro appearances. There are also four "scene modes"—"party," "selfie," "sport," and "macro." Leica worked with Fujifilm on their instant film, which comes in color or black and white. All the Leica instant film will also work on a regular Fuji Instax Mini.

The development was first leaked in the most recent issue of Leica Fotografie International (LFI), but will be officially announced tomorrow, and shipping will begin in November. The cameras will be €279 (about $315) and the film will be €12 to €14 (about $14 to $16).

[h/t Design Taxi]

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