Website Asks Visitors to Outscream Nicolas Cage

Anna Green
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Over the course of his three-decade acting career, Nicolas Cage has become famous for his strange screeches, screams, and over-the-top performances of rage, emerging over time as something of a connoisseur of anger. Now one website dares to ask the question: Can you rage like Nicolas Cage?

AV Club reports that an interactive website called The Nic Cage Rage Page lets visitors see how their screams compare to those of Nicolas Cage. Simply hit a button and begin yelling into your computer to see if your rage matches up with that of cinema’s angriest man.

"Nicolas Cage defies definition. He defies logic. He can be an over the top caricature, yet painfully human at the same time," Jane.Works, the company behind the website, explains. "But one thing he can always do is scream. No one screams like Nic Cage. It's part feral beast, part existential crisis. Something so contradictory, yet so pure."

[h/t AV Club]