Protective Spray Coating Makes Even the Most Fragile Foods Indestructible

Rebecca OConnell
YouTube / YouTube

YouTube channel How Ridiculous is making the most of a 150-foot tower by dropping all sorts of things over the side.

Recently they've discovered Line-X—a fancy protective spray commonly used on trucks and other utility vehicles. The YouTube team sprayed various products with the thick black spray, giving the items a hard armor. Once the spray dried, they launched the products off the side of their tower and onto the pavement to see what would happen. Amazingly, the hard shells didn't even dent.

The first item thrown from the tower was a watermelon; the rind survived the fall but the pink insides were pretty squished. The next was an egg that seemed to survive the landing, followed by a light bulb that completely shattered within its pristine shell.

After the few successful runs, the team decided to really put the spray to the test: They dropped a bowling bowl coated in Line-X onto an axe wedged in the ground. Finally, the seemingly indestructible spray met its match, as the bowling ball broke in two.

[h/t SPLOID]

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