First Aid Blanket Concept Includes CPR Instructions


The ability to think fast in an emergency situation is crucial. It’s also easier said than done, which is why designers at Zhejiang University in China came up with the idea for a First Aid Blanket with easy-to-read instructions printed right onto the fabric.

The emergency blanket is intended to be kept in areas where drowning is a risk. According to My Modern Met, it includes a spot to place the victim as well as guidelines for administering CPR and checking for a pulse.

The tool is just a concept for now, but it’s already received recognition for its potentially lifesaving applications. In 2014, the Zhejiang University team received a Red Dot Award for their design. The description from the contest page reads: "…First Aid Blanket is a feasible and efficient way to make every rescuer 'skilled.' In addition, it can provide confidence to the inexperienced rescuer, which also plays an important role in a successful rescue."

[h/t My Modern Met]

All images: Zhejiang University/Red Dot Awards

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