Bandits Are Stealing Ones and Zeros From Philadelphia Address Plaques

Rebecca OConnell
iStock / iStock

Citizens of East Kensington in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have a new and unexpected thing to worry about: their address signs. Local police are investigating a string reports that zeroes and ones are being taken from home address markers.

Resident Meghan Haley noticed the zero missing from her sign one day and decided to check the outside camera footage. There, she spotted an unknown woman coming up the porch and casually plucking the zero from the "2202" sign. "It has no value so I can't imagine what they are using it for," Haley told FOX 29

Another victim, Krista Ricca, told the outlet that she witnessed a man with an electric drill steal a one from a house across the street at around 4 a.m. Up to 20 homes in the neighborhood have come under numeral attack.

It's unclear what these binary burglars could want with all those ones and zeros (communicating with celestial robots, perhaps?) but it's been a headache for the victims—and probably the mailman, too.

[h/t Fox 29]

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