Dog Rescues Research Footage That Was Lost at Sea


While sailing the Atlantic Ocean with her owner, a tiny dog named Scuba recently rescued an aquatic camera that had been lost at sea for three years. According to her owner, Eric Visage, Scuba spotted the camera, which belongs to National Geographic, floating in the middle of the ocean and barked until Visage retrieved it. It's unclear why Scuba was so captivated by that particular piece of ocean debris, though it should be noted, the spherical camera does look a bit like a giant dog toy.

In the National Geographic video above, photographer Alan Turchik explains how the camera, called a DriftCam, got lost in a massive storm off the coast of Miami. It then ended up floating for three years and thousands of miles, before being picked up by Scuba and Visage. According to Turchik, the unique deep sea footage the camera recorded will be incredibly valuable for researchers. "Getting the camera back was incredible," he says. "It’s not every day a dog with sea legs gets to help National Geographic study the oceans."

Banner Image Credit: National Geographic, YouTube