You Can Now Light a Candle With Your Smartphone


If you love the ambience of candlelight but dislike handling matches or lighters, Gizmodo reports that a company called LuDela has created a candle that can be lit and extinguished with a smartphone. The LuDela Smart Candle is made from wax, and its flame is real—but its wick is controlled by a downloadable app.

Here’s how the smart candle works: Each battery-powered purchase comes with a shell-like wax base and a smaller 30-hour candle that you stick inside. Simply tap your phone’s touchscreen to ignite or reduce the candle’s flame, and when the wax core finally melts, refill the base with a fresh one.

The LuDela Smart Candle costs $99. See how it works in the video above, or visit the company's website for more information.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner image courtesy of LuDela.

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