Just in Time for Halloween: Brunch-Themed Candy Corn

Rebecca OConnell
Brach's / iStock
Brach's / iStock / Brach's / iStock

In a world of Swedish Fish-flavored Oreos and Peeps-flavored milk, bizarre food mash-ups shouldn't be surprising anymore. But the latest, seemingly random combination of flavors has us all scratching our heads—and OK, maybe also taking out our wallets. 

Brach’s Confections—perhaps best known for its candy corn, among lots of other sugary treats—has decided to take their signature offering in a new direction. Their latest product features three new candy corn flavors, all of which are brunch-themed. Lovers of strange novelty food will surely flock to try the tri-color cones, which taste like French toast, waffles and strawberries, and chocolate chip pancakes. As The Daily Meal points out, there is a notable lacking of a mimosa flavor; in fact, all the flavors are decidedly more breakfast-themed than brunch. 

Regardless of meal semantics, specially flavored candy corn is intriguing. Adventurous sweet tooths can check these out at Target, where 15-ounce bags are being sold exclusively for $2.50 a pack. 

[h/t The Daily Meal]

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