Scaly ‘Dragon’ Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Warm All Winter Long

Michele Debczak
Mareshop // Etsy
Mareshop // Etsy / Mareshop // Etsy

Winter provides the perfect opportunity to splurge on nerdy accessories. We’ve seen Space Invader scarves and Dwarven beard hats, and now Bored Panda has spotted a series of colorful, dragon-inspired gloves designed to keep wearers toasty when winter is coming.

The reptilian hand-warmers were discovered at the Latvia-based Etsy store Mareshop. Each pair of fingerless gloves was crocheted by hand using wool, acrylic, and mohair. To submit a request for your own set or to browse more hand-stitched winter wear available from the shop, head over to the artist's Etsy page.

[h/t Bored Panda]

All images: Mareshop // Etsy

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