You Can Turn Your Deleted Food Photos Into Real Meals for the Hungry

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For some foodies, a meal isn’t complete unless it’s been filtered, hashtagged, and immortalized on Instagram. Now, Instagram users who document everything they eat have a good excuse to clean out their portfolio. As Adweek reports, Land O’Lakes will donate 11 meals for every food picture deleted from Instagram.

The Delete to Feed campaign is a partnership between the food company and the nonprofit Feeding America. Anyone on Instagram can participate: Just connect your account to the Delete to Feed website and choose one of your perfectly-saturated food pictures to let go of for good. Once the image has been removed, Feeding America will work with local food banks to provide 11 meals to people in need.

Land O’Lakes plans continue the campaign until October 18, or until they reach their donation target of 2.75 million meals. That means 250,000 food photos will have to disappear from the app in the next month. Considering there are over 187 million posts under #food alone, that sounds like a reasonable goal.

[h/t Adweek]

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