If You Want to Stay in a 5-Star Hotel for Cheap, Go to Reno

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If you’re looking to treat yourself on a budget, head to Reno. You can get a 5-star hotel room there for cheaper than in any other city in the U.S., according to Hipmunk. The travel site surveyed its hotel partners to figure out where luxury costs the least, finding that in the northern Nevada city, you can get luxury accommodations for just $169 a night—a rate that would be considered a bargain for even a budget hotel in some big cities.

Less tourist-prone cities tend to have good bargains for hotel rooms. You can travel in style on a budget in San Antonio, Houston, or Sedona, Arizona, according to the list. But a few unexpected big-name cities make the list, too, like Hollywood, California, which comes in as the third cheapest 5-star location, with an average price of just $218 per night. That might be because those looking for a Los Angeles-area 5-star hotel are more likely to head to Beverly Hills. Las Vegas, too, is surprisingly affordable, but that’s probably because of the sheer proliferation of hotels in the city, 5-star and otherwise.


On the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive city in Hipmunk’s database is Canyon Point, Utah, the location of the ultra-luxury Amangiri Resort, a getaway where a $1000-a-night room would be considered a bargain. The $2060-a-night average is definitely skewed by the fact that the other hotels in the area are limited to Super 8s and other budget travel options. The Amangiri is the only show in town.

Across the U.S., 5-star hotel rooms have an average price of $292, the data show. For every extra star a hotel has, the price increases 16 percent, Hipmunk found. And the jump between a 4-star hotel and a 5-star hotel is steep: The average 5-star hotel is 42 percent more expensive than the average 4-star.

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