iMessage Stickers Correct Grammatical Errors With Judgmental Red Pen

Grammar Snob / iStock
Grammar Snob / iStock / Grammar Snob / iStock

With the new iOS 10, iPhone users are now enjoying a lot more freedom with their texting: they can create and send GIFs, text from the lock screen, and place stickers right over their messages. They can also obnoxiously mark up your grammatically incorrect texts and send them back to you.

Metaphorically speaking, Grammar Snob hands a red pen to self-righteous texters who bemoan the degradation of our language. The sticker app features a whole slew of premade corrections for common mistakes like "your vs. you're" or "less vs. fewer." Like the English teachers of our youth, texters can now mark up these criminal mistakes—all that's missing is a letter grade. 

The app will help grammar police officers keep their thoughtless friends in check—well, for as long as they have them. Along with a collection of words to attach, there's also a surprising variation of cross-out designs, ranging from a simple line to a dark, angry squiggle. 

Grammar Snob is a tongue-in-cheek solution to lazy texting, but will it help? Or will we just dive deeper into ambiguous textspeak?

[h/t Vocativ]