A Massive Clock Made by Circling Truck Drivers

Anna Green

Swedish automotive company Scania has created a massive 750,000 square foot clock made entirely of moving trucks, Engadget reports. Replacing gears and motors with massive engines, and clock hands with the latest line of Scania trucks, the company successfully created a functional timepiece that ran for 24 hours.

In the video above, Scania drivers and stunt coordinators reveal how they managed to accurately keep time for a full day without stopping or crashing. The stunt, which was designed to show how dependable Scania vehicles are, involved an amazing 90 drivers and 14 trucks. Though the Scania truck clock may not be the most practical or environmentally friendly way to keep track of the time, its huge scale and perfectly timed choreography are certainly impressive to watch.

[h/t Engadget]

Banner Image Credit: Scania Group, YouTube