Nearly 40 years after Star Wars arrived in theaters, it has become virtually impossible to find a retail category that hasn’t picked up the franchise’s valuable license. A Tauntaun sleeping bag? You can have one. A severed Wampa arm ice scraper? Sold out, but keep checking. A waffle maker that can make breakfast in the shape of the Death Star? Yours for $39.99.

Now you can show up for job interviews with OppoSuit’s line of Star Wars-inspired men’s formal wear. The first designs—“Strong Force,” a colorful multi-panel collage, and “Stormtrooper,” a sleek black and white number—are on sale now, with more designs expected to arrive between the December release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and May 2017’s Episode VIII.


“We have been big Star Wars fans our entire lives and are therefore extremely proud of these great additions to our range of suits,” Jasper Castelein, creative director and co-founder of OppoSuits, told

Each suit retails for $109.99. Consumers can help OppoSuits decide on future designs by signing up for their newsletter.