France Will Ban Plastic Plates and Cutlery By 2020

Anna Green
istock / istock

Earlier this year, France passed a law banning disposable plastic bags. Now, Quartz reports, France has announced it’s working towards eradicating all plastic cups, plates, and utensils by 2020. It is the first nation to announce a total ban on all plastic tableware.

The law, which is part of the country's Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, will make it illegal to manufacture or sell plastic tableware in France, though biodegradable disposable tableware will be permitted. New regulations will require that any disposable tableware be made of 50 percent biologically sourced materials that consumers can compost at home.

The Washington Post explains that the law is the result of a conference in Paris last year on strategies for combating global warming. French lawmakers hope that by banning plastics, they will improve waste management strategies by creating a “circular economy” of waste disposal, and contribute to a greener planet. According to French president François Hollande, the plastic ban is part of France’s mission to become “an exemplary nation in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, diversifying its energy model and increasing the deployment of renewable energy sources.”

[h/t Quartz]

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