Twinkling Star Chart Skirt Lets You Wear the Night Sky

ThinkGeek / ThinkGeek
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Looking for the perfect piece to showcase your stellar fashion sense? This battery-powered skirt from ThinkGeek lights up to display an actual star chart on your lap.

The twinkling night sky is illuminated by 250 LED lights strung by over 45 feet of wire. A pocket inside the waistband holds a battery pack, so wearers can keep sparkling well into the night. Some assembly is required, though snap tabs stitched into the fabric make it easy to configure the lights however you please (which also means they’re simple to remove). If you ever get tired of being a walking light show, the skirt’s constellation pattern and ombre color palette can stand alone to make a bold fashion statement.


The item is currently available in small, medium, and large sizes for $60. If you’re looking for some cosmic jewelry to complete the outfit, ThinkGeek also has that area covered.