Breathtaking Timelapse Shows How Crystallization Occurs

Anna Green

Filmmaker and scientist Yan Liang wants to show students that learning science is about more than lab reports, tedious measurements, and complex calculations. He recently founded the education company Beauty of Science which will produce books, apps, and videos that focus on the beauty and wonder of science.

His first project is a timelapse video called "Crystallization2" that reveals how different salt molecules crystallize when water evaporates. Though it doesn’t really explain the scientific processes at work, the video showcases the breathtaking beauty of the microscopic world and is designed to inspire viewers to learn more about the crystallization process on their own.

“The subjects of this project were droplets of saturated aqueous solutions containing various inorganic salts (e.g.table salt, sodium sulfate etc.). The evaporation of water initiated the crystallization processes inside the droplets, which were captured by time-lapse photography,” Liang explains. “A single droplet contains the wonders of nature.”

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner image credit: Yan Liang, Vimeo