Polaroid Introduces Instant, Touchscreen Franken-Camera

Polaroid / Polaroid

A number of manufacturers have been attempting to solve a puzzle that has plagued the digital camera industry since the smartphone came of age: how to convince consumers they need a separate device to take pictures.

Recently, Leica unveiled a series of colorful instant cameras that can develop film on the spot. The move was a fairly clear homage to Polaroid, which became world-famous for its instant camera and the ability to print stiff, distinctively gauzy photos on demand. Now Polaroid is attempting to outdo its competition with the Snap Touch, a camera that blends old-school features with the one must-have component of the modern day: a touchscreen.


Like the new Leica Sofort, the Polaroid Snap Touch comes in variety of snazzy colors. Unlike the Leica, users can opt for the 3.5-inch touchscreen instead of a viewfinder to frame their 13 megapixel photos. Prints will roll out on a 2-inch by 3-inch proprietary color photo paper that’s also waterproof. To further guarantee you won’t have to juggle devices, the Snap Touch can also shoot high-definition video.

For printing enthusiasts, the camera’s coolest feature may be analog in nature: photos are printed using Polaroid’s ZINK Zero, a process that uses heat to activate color crystals pre-printed on the paper.

The camera will retail for $179.99, with packs of paper starting at $9.99 for a 20-pack. Polaroid is now taking pre-orders

[h/t SlashGear]