This 3D-Printed Jewelry Is Created From NASA’s Elevation Mapping Data

Rebecca OConnell
Waaypoint / Waaypoint

Oregon-based design studio Waaypoint has a new way of showing tribute to America's landscapes. Using digital elevation mapping data from NASA, the company creates jewelry pieces that are accurate recreations of mountainous areas, My Modern Met reports.

The jewelry features 3D-printed tiny mountains that are then cast in silver, plated rose gold, or plated 18k gold. The rings and pendants are then engraved with the geographic coordinates of where the mountain is located.

Each piece is meant to be a personal totem that connects the wearer to a certain place, including the first and only location currently featured: Mt. Hood, located near the company's Portland headquarters. But you can follow the company's progress on Instagram for more updates.

[h/t My Modern Met]

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