This Airport Pod Is Designed for Catching Sleep Between Flights

Michele Debczak
Rafael Martin
Rafael Martin / Rafael Martin

As the many products designed to help you fall asleep on airplanes indicate, comfort and air travel aren’t a natural fit. The problems begin on solid ground for some travelers: A delayed flight or an extended layover can leave you stranded in an airport for hours with no place to curl up and rest.

A furniture pod concept from designer Rafael Martin envisions an innovative solution. According to inhabitat, the aDream is a steel-framed and plywood structure designed to be tucked discreetly into the hallways and lounges of airport terminals. Two mattresses fold out from either side and a light, drawer, and electrical socket invite visitors to get comfortable. Someone in need of a quick rest would be able to rent a unit for a certain time window and swipe in with a key card.

The sleek pods are just a design for now, but travelers willing to splurge on even more luxurious digs might be in luck. A handful of airports have cozy "suites" that include desks and daybeds guests can rent by the hour—there are even a few in the U.S.

[h/t inhabitat]

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