New Tiny Speakers Let You Play Music Through Pugs and Unicorns

Rebecca OConnell
Firebox / Firebox

There's a time and place for large, high-quality speakers, but there's also a time for small speakers that look like cute little animals. Mighty Animal Speakers—a new addition to the Firebox lineup—is a line of audio gadgets that resemble wide-eyed animals. For $27, you can get one of six different creatures: a pug, panda, cat, pig, unicorn, or fox.

Despite their small size, the animals pack a decent punch with 2W speakers. But if you're not looking to blast any jams, there's also a built-in microphone so you can make calls—or maybe even pretend you're holding a conversation with a little cat. The speakers are Bluetooth-enabled and have a USB cable for charging, with a small button on the bottom to turn the device on and off. Owners will enjoy roughly three to four hours of battery life before needing to recharge, which should be plenty of time for adorable partying on the go.

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