Woodsy Library Retreat Is a Book Lover’s Dream Vacation

Shaunacy Ferro

This little log cabin is the perfect retreat from your other retreat. The library in the woods, spotted by Mashable, was designed by Studio Padron and SMITH for the backyard of a vacation home in upstate New York. 

It’s a tiny book lover’s retreat filled with more books than furniture. Called the Hemmelig Rom (“secret room” in Norwegian), it was constructed using leftover wood from the construction of the main house.

"The strategy for the cottage centered on preserving and transforming a material that would otherwise have become construction waste," architect Brandon Padron told Dezeen.

The logs were cut and left out to dry for several years before the secluded black shack was assembled. Similar to a Lincoln Log creation, the lumber is arranged in a jigsaw fashion so that gaps between the logs form built-in bookshelves. A wood-burning stove heats the hut, which contains only a bed for guests and an armchair for reading. Hermits only, please.

[h/t Mashable]

All images by Jason Koxvold

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