30 GIFs That Capture What It’s Like to Move to L.A.

James Curran via Tumblr
James Curran via Tumblr / James Curran via Tumblr

This summer, London-based animation director James Curran moved to Los Angeles for a month. As a way to document the experience in his temporary home, Curran created an animated GIF about life in L.A. every single day for 30 days during the month of July, Time Out Los Angeles reports.

Each day, Curran posted an animation to his Tumblr, and at the end of his stay, he compiled them all into a video. Predictably, a lot of them involve car traffic, but he also managed to capture surfing, Dodgers games, Urban Light at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Santa Monica Pier, and hiking to the Hollywood sign. Oh, and food. So much food. Sometimes he even managed to get food and traffic into the same GIF!

Watch them all in the video below, or see them individually on Curran’s blog.

[h/t Time Out Los Angeles]

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